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Has anyone tried and is it worth it?

When I made the phone call to renew my subsciption to, on the other line was Katie. I had a thing for Katie since the second I laid eyes on her. She wasnít the hottest girl, the smartest girl, or even a fun girl, but she seemed just right for me and one of the best I'd seen on all of at least from what I'd seen. I think it was her sweet and innocent look that made me think she was something special. Although I knew she wasnít everything I ever wanted, she seemed to be the girl I wanted with the potential to develop into that perfect girl.

Katie wanted to get together with me for some coffee. Her it was, the girl I like asking me out on a date. I didnít even think the girl was interested in me so I was so excited I said yes. Katie and I grabbed coffee and she really seemed to come into her own during our first online horny book conversation. I hadnít realized how much fun she could be until then. So we had our coffees and made fun of other non related sites. Itís a beautiful thing in late fall, the only problem is that it's all online and I wanted to meet her. Never to get above 60 degrees, temperatures are commonly down in the 30s just before Thanksgiving. I can remember her fluffy white jacket and candy striped winter cap with matching gloves. She was definitely cute, but surely not the perfect one for me.

With Katie in the front of my mind, her and I went out on that Friday night. I hadnít even spoken with Betty since our time together the week before so I didnít know what to expect with her. Low and behold, just before I was heading out there was Betty standing there with her friend Maria. Although Maria and I had been friends for some time, she was visibly upset and under the influence of both and alcohol. The two of them decided to stay in my room when I left and wrote me a note about how much of a jerk I was.

This all fell on blind eyes and deaf ears as Katie was really digging me and I was going out with her that night. Everything seemed to be falling into place for me during my first semester on my own.  This was all short lived, as a couple months later I found that Katie cheated on me. This destroyed my ego and made me very very angry. She begged for my forgiveness, so I pretended to give it to her, but only in order to hurt her. As soon as I told her that I forgave her, I went on the lookout for one of her friends to sleep with. Little did I know that this girl would pop up within just a few days and the deed would be done within a week. After completing the deed, I called her and told her what had happened and that I never wanted to see her again. It may have been harsh, but I was young and made into a fool so I wanted her to be made into a fool. This was accomplished in my opinion so I felt much better. I felt even with things which helped me to get over her very quickly. Actually this was a good thing because she was draining the life right out of me. She was such a dependent person I couldnít do anything without her around. My friends recognized this and while it took me some time, I came around to that same conclusion.

With Katie out of the picture and now Betty out of the picture too, I finished off my sophomore year with a number of flings and some good times with less than good girls. I liked a lot of the girls I was meeting, but the fact is that I just didnít see any long term potential with any of them. They werenít even floozies or immature, they just werenít the same girls I saw earlier on horny book. After a rocky start at UWM and a long summer back home with many of my old friends, it was time for Junior year and this time I would be going to school with a house on campus and a job on campus too.


Since I had worked at office max in the copy department for such a long time while in high school and during college breaks, I was the only person of over a hundred applicants to have copy experience for the position open at the campus copy store. This was the sweetest gig on campus at $8 an hour it paid more than most campus jobs, you didnít have to work with food and you could actually do your homework onsite most of the time. There was always a 2 week window at the beginning of a semester that would be difficult because it would actually be busy at work, but after that I did whatever I wanted.